May 14, 2009

Children's Ministry...It's Not Just About Children

Your effectiveness in children's ministry is not solely based on how well you minister to children. You have to be able to raise up leaders and build teams. I have seen people who were great with kids, but their ministry never grew or reached its full potential because they didn't do this. Your success in children's ministry depends on the strength of the team of adults you build to do the work of the ministry.


I couldn't agree more. The challenge comes not just from teaching my staff this truth but the staff teaching the volunteers too.

Amen! That is the hardest part of the job as a Children's Pastor. Teaching the kids and lovin on them is easy part...the part most people think of when they think of Children's Ministry. But building into and equipping a team of adults is (for me, the most challenging job!) extremely valuable.

Amen to that! So much of the effectiveness depends on listening to God to identify the right people for the right leadership roles to work with the right ages. We can't just fill slots and expect ministry to happen! And then, of course, as Lynne said, equipping them to lead and build relationships!

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