Kickin' N Screamin'

This past weekend was busy, but memorable.

-Friday we had Caleb's birthday party with some of his friends.

-Saturday we went to the beach. The water was great. I got sunburned.

-We had baby dedication this weekend at all services. We dedicated over 30 babies/parents. I went over and greeted the parents before each service.

-I taught in our preschool environment this weekend. I teach at least once every two months in all of our environments. The majority of my role is vision casting and leadership but I still stay in close contact with the kids and enjoy teaching.

Our lesson in preschool was about the early church and how they shared with each other. I had the kids work together to build a little church building out of blocks and then we talked about how the church is people not a building.

-Something that happened Sunday was the highlight of the weekend for me. We recently opened an indoor park in our new children's building. Parents can take their children there after services. I like to hang out in the park after services and talk with parents, etc. Sunday I witnessed one of our preschool parents taking her daughter out of the park so they could go home. The girl was in her arms and was crying...but not just crying...she was hitting her mom with her take home paper and screaming, kicking, etc. with all her might. She was yelling, "No! I don't want to leave!" No! I want to stay!" It was not a pretty was cool to see a child that passionate about wanting to stay at church! I'd rather have that than the opposite not wanting to come to church.

Let's keep creating environments that have kids excited about being at church!