Changed Lives!

Here is an email that I sent to our staff team this morning as I reflected back on a great weekend of ministry.

Hey Team,
Is it Monday morning again already? Time flies when you're having fun...or as Kermit the Frog would say...time's fun when you are having flies....that was a weak attempt at humor. On a celebratory a great weekend. I got to see firsthand the fruit of your ministry as we saw over 20 children who have accepted Christ follow Him in baptism! Every child who was baptized had been through The Journey class with their parents!

One family yesterday had 3 generations baptized! Daughters, mom, dad, grandparents. The father shared with me how God had used the girls to reach the entire family! That's amazing!

There are days when we get tired, discouraged, lose focus. It's part of ministry. When that happens, just remember that your ministry is making a huge impact in families. Your labor is not in vain. The eternal fruit of changed lives is springing forth! Thank you God for showing Yourself strong and using our lives!