More Phase 2 Pics

Only a few weeks until the grand opening. It's all coming together.

Radio Station. Will be DJ booth under this where kids can mix.

Creator's Art Studio. This will be a Kindergarten room.

1-3rd Grade Worship Room with 2 story stage. The frames at the top will contain video screens. The section below is a 9' x 13' video wall. Scene changes are unlimited with video imaging.

Friendz Factory. This will be the home of our special needs ministry.

Soul Station. Kindergarten room.

Jonah's Travel Agency.

Boy's restroom entrance.

Nitro preteen ministry.

Stage sign that will be back lit.

Small group booths. These will contain restaurant type seating.

Volunteer suite.

Entrance to GK Studios (1-3rd grade room).

Noah's Arkade - game room for 1-3rd grade.