Plussing and Debugging

After each big event, weekend, or process, we stop and look back. How can we make it better? I just finished reading the book "Be Our Guest" by the Disney Institute. I picked up something in it called "Plussing and Debugging." We are using this to evaluate and improve our processes, events, programming, etc.

I write the name of the event, program, process, etc. at the top of a giant post-it note. Then I create these two categories below it. The "Plussing" category are things we can do to enhance it. The "Debugging" category are things that didn't work or need to be dropped.

Our team went through three events yesterday with this process and came up with lots of great ideas in both categories.

Try "Plussing" and "Debugging" after your next event, process, or program. It's a great way to improve what you do!