The Power of a Hug!

I serve at a great church that is led by a great leader. Dr. Tom Mullins started our church 25 years ago in his living room with just a handful of people. Today over 20,000 people call CF home and countless lives have been changed. This month we are celebrating 25 years of ministry and honoring Dr. Mullins for his faithfulness and leadership. This past Friday night, the church hosted a dinner in his honor. Many people shared testimonies of what God has done in their lives through Dr. Mullin's ministry.

One of the stories involved the power of a hug. Several years ago, a young man who was involved in the drug and gang lifestyle, came to our church and sat on the back row. His mother had been praying for him and asked him to come. He sat and listened to Dr. Mullins preach. After the service, Dr. Mullins made eye contact with him and the young man knew he was coming to where he was. The young man said Dr. Mullins reached out and hugged him. In that instant, the young man knew someone cared for him and his life was changed. He came to God and a great work began in his life.

He shared his story this past Friday night and then expressed his appreciation to Dr. Mullins in the way he now ministers to others....thru rap. Below is a video clip I shot while he was rapping at the dinner. Below is also a video of the young man now...aka...Raw Servant. He now shares Christ with others thru rap.

A hug...symbolizing God's unconditional love...can change a life. Who needs a hug from you this week?