The Look!

Have you ever seen a look of awe on a kid's face? On an entire family's face? It's like this magical moment when they are captivated by the wonder of something. I've seen it at Disney World many times as kids and families watch a parade or are greeted by a character or just come off a ride.

The "look" means you've done something right. You've created a moment for a child. You've created a memory for a family.

This past Wed. and Fri. we produced a Christmas Family Experience at our church. It included a creative, stage show that told the Christmas story and interactive booths for families to experience together. Over 2,000 children and parents showed up.

One of the coolest moments for me was when we turned the snow on. We have snow machines installed in our hallways. Just at the right moment with "White Christmas" playing in the background, we turned the snow on. And as it began to fall, I saw the "look" on the kid's and parent's faces. It gave me chill bumps and my heart skipped a beat.

If we create experiences for kids and parents that produce the "look," it will open the door for us to impact their lives for Christ.