My Heart is Hurting

Today was one of those tough,tough days for me in children's ministry. I spent half the day at the hospital. I wish it had just been one of those tonsils out visits...but it wasn't.

Last fall when we were building our new children's building, one of the men who was working on the project was putting in the windows. He did not attend church. As the building came to completion, God reached out to this man and he felt compelled to bring his family to see what was happening in this new building. It was the beginning of a great work of grace in their family's life.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. This family has a precious boy who is 8 years old. He became sick. The diagnosis was far worse than we could have imagined. He has cancer in his liver and pancreas. The only way he will make it will be transplants. This morning I sat with this father and his son. It's one of those times where your words seem so shallow. All I could do was just encourage them and pray with them and tell them how much we care for them. We are surrounding the family with love and care. After I walked out of the hospital, I began to cry. It breaks my heart to see children suffer.

From there I went to see a special little friend of mine. She is 4 years old and also has cancer. She is going through weeks of chemo. You know what chemo sick it makes you...imagine being 4 and going through that. In spite of all of this, she still smiles. I brought her a Cinderella doll. I told her it was because she is also a princess.

I don't understand why kids have to suffer. I've asked God why many times. But this much I know. I trust the heart of God. I know He is working. His plans and ways are perfect.

My heart is hurting for these children. But I am praying that God will bring them through it so they may grow up and share the story of God's work in their life.

If you read this, whisper a prayer for these two precious children.