May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Disney World knew it would bring families into their parks. Free admittance on your birthday! And it worked...big time! We followed their cue and started sending birthday cards to all our kids. They bring their card to church the following weekend and we make a huge deal about it.

We announce over the hallway intercom speakers that it's their birthday...all the volunteers start cheering for them...we give them a gift and a birthday button to wear with their name on it. They walk away with faces beaming (parents are pretty happy too).

Try works!


This is an easy win-win for everyone: The Children, The Parents, The Ministry and definitely can be an outreach ministry! When I was a children’s pastor, I worked hard to emphasize to our team that this was great opportunity to reach the kids and parents. It proved to the Parents, that we as a children’s ministry really cared about their kids. At the same time, it allowed us to reach into the children’s lives by emphasizing how great God made them! What was the cost to do this? To have an impact on a child’s life for years?
Let’s see:
Mylar balloon from the dollar store – $1.00
Birthday Card – $1.00
Making a Big Deal that impacts their future – Priceless!
Remember the world will help them celebrate. We in Children’s Ministry can have HUGE IMPACT for God upon their hearts, at an early age by celebrating this wonderful event with them!

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