May 20, 2010

Parent Focus Groups

Last night I held a parent focus group. I invited 10 parents whose children are in our ministry to come and give me feedback. I made sure the group was diverse...parents who have been in our church for a long time...parents who are brand new to our church...single parents, etc.

I got some great feedback. They gave me some areas that we can improve in. They gave me some new ideas on how we can be more effective. They gave me ideas on how we can better partner with them.

Below are the questions I asked them. My next step is to take their answers and dialogue and work through it with our team. Parent Focus groups are a great way to help take your ministry to a new level. I do them twice a year.

  • What expectations do you have for God’s Kids?
  • What areas of spiritual growth do you desire to see in your children?
  • What do you feel your child needs the most spiritually?
  • What are some positive things God’s Kids is doing to help your child grow spiritually?
  • What truths and topics from the Bible do you want to see instilled in your children?
  • What are your priorities in raising your children to love God?
  • What areas are you struggling in as a parent that God Kid’s can come alongside you and help with?
  • How can God’s Kids better partner with you as a parent?
  • What resources and tools can God’s Kids provide to help you disciple your children?
  • Does your child feel loved, accepted, and connected?
  • How can we improve in seeing that happen?
  • How does your child feel about their experience at church? Positives? Negatives?
  • What are some ideas that can help God’s Kids be more effective? (any area or topic)


Hey Dale,

I thought this was a great idea! Couple questions:
1 - Do you give the parents the questions before hand
2 - How do you make sure you get honest feedback instead of fluff?
3 - When did you hold your event, during the week/weekend?


Hey Kevin,
1 - yes, I emailed the questions to the parents a week ahead
2 - I told them up front I didn't want to just hear about the good stuff - I wanted them to be totally honest about ways we can improve - I set that culture up at the front end and they responded well and gave honest feedback. Some of it was painful to hear...but I gladly excepted it - if not how are we going to grow.
3 - I held it on a Wed. night from 6-7 pm and provided childcare and finger foods.

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