In my office, I have a three ring binder that says "Stories" on the front of it. Every time I get a story like the one below, I put a copy of it in my "Storybook." The stories remind me that God is at work in the lives of kids and families. I also keep a digital copy of the stories on my computer. I share the stories with staff, our Pastor, and our volunteers. These stories encourage us and remind us that God is using our lives to make a difference. Do you have a storybook? If not, think about starting one. I know God will fill it up through you and your team.

Hey Guys - Here is a picture of the three kids who purchased a flock of chickens at the Gift Shop on Sunday. The container they are holding is decorated with chickens and had their goal written on it. They had been saving for 5 months, putting all of their dollars together. They are a family that was reached through the Expo outreach. Sheano baptized their mother, who was there with them when they made the purchase. They were excited to buy the chickens this weekend, because the oldest is moving to middle school and they made their goal just in time.