"Wow" Them

Last night I was talking with a father. He was sharing how he went to Disneyworld for his honeymoon. They drove into one of the Disney waterparks only to discover that it was maxed out to capacity and they were turning people away. But when they saw the "Just Married" sign on his car window, they smiled and said "come on in."

Great organizations look for opportunities to go the second mile and leave people saying, "Wow!"

A couple of weekends ago, I found out about a family that had a bad experience at our church. In fact, the little girl said she didn't want to come back.

So...we did the usual phone call to connect and iron things out with the family. But then the next day, I felt led to add the "wow" factor. We sent the little girl a card in the mail telling her how much she meant to our children's ministry. I included a $25 gift certificate to Toy's R Us.

Did we have to do that? No. Am I glad we went the second mile? Definitely. The family is back.

Each week opportunities arise for you and your team to add the "wow" factor. When God taps you on the shoulder and lets you see those opportunities...go for it!