Jul 20, 2010

Preparing for Fall

Summer is winding down. Time to gear up for fall. Fall is normally a great time of growth. Families get back in their school routines, people stop traveling, and the summer slump stops slumping (wasn't that profound).

Anyways, back to the point. Most children's ministries have a big weekend push to kick off the fall. We call ours "Back to School Bash." It's happening on Aug.28/29 and we've got to be ready. Our team has to be ready. Our volunteers have to be trained and excited about a new season of ministry.

To prepare, we have the largest training event of our ministry year a couple of weeks before the big weekend. We bring all our volunteers together and pump it up! We have a large group time and then break into specific areas of training.

We call our training event "Accelerate." Here is the logo we are using to promote it through postcards, email invites, posters, etc. What are you doing to get ready for the fall season? Would love to hear your ideas, plans, etc.


We do multiple training sessions (on all 3 of our campuses), where the volunteers can pick one. We actually start with Coaching Trainings, for our volunteer coaches who oversee specific ministry areas and teams. Then, we do the trainings for the rest of the volunteers. Like you, we start with big group vision and then go into breakout groups, led by the volunteer Coaches.

The advantage of multiple sessions is that volunteers have flexibility and virtually assures that they can attend a training (last summer was our best ever, with over 90% of our volunteers at training sessions). The disadvantage is that it means more meetings for staff, and there is more energy if we could have all 700 volunteers together.

Dude, that is so awesome!

-Multiple options for training - such a great idea in today's hectic life pace.It's obviously working. 90% attendance. That's like the highest I have ever heard of.

-Raising up coaches - you're raising up leaders of leaders and releasing them to lead. So wise.

Love to hear and learn more from your church and cm. Sounds like God is all over it. If you can send me your email address we can connect. It's daleh@cftoday.org

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