Setting Parameters When Helping Others

I shared with our staff last week about setting parameters when helping others. We want to help as many people as we can, but not at the cost of our health or families. Here are some ways to ensure that you stay balanced.

  • You can't save the world. That job has already been taken. You simply work for the Person who can.
  • You are responsible to people but not for people.
  • When you help others, it drains your emotional tank.
  • Make sure you keep your emotional tank full.
  • Use wisdom and be careful of helping an individual who constantly drains your tank.
  • This means saying no sometimes.
  • Guard your refueling time. Turn off the phone and email.
  • You are not the energizer bunny.
  • Most people in ministry are people pleasers. Learn that you don't have to have everyone's approval.
  • Don't define yourself by what you do but by who you are.
  • Watch out for one-sided relationships. The other person has to be willing to do something as well. If you do it all, they have nothing left to do.