Green Roomer?

Last week I was at Group Publishing. We were planning out a new KidMin conference that you will hear about soon. We were discussing key note speakers. One thing that we all agreed on was that we wanted key note speakers who were accessible. We don't want someone who comes in, stays in the Green Room, does his/her deal on stage, and then takes off.  We want speakers that people can talk with and interact with.

This also translates into every day ministry. How do you avoid being a "green roomer" in your ministry? Here's some tips that I've been thinking about.
  • Answer phone calls. When someone calls you, answer within 24 hours max.
  • Respond to emails within 24 hours max.
  • Let parents, volunteers, and staff know that you value and welcome their input. I have a parent focus group at least twice a year. I invite 10-12 parents in to give us input, feedback, and ideas. Last week I reported back to this group the changes we were making from the information they provided.
  • Have an open door policy with your staff. My staff knows that when my office door is open they are welcome to come in with questions, needs, ideas, etc. When I do need to shut the door due to work deadlines, etc. they know they can talk with me later.
  • Hang out on weekends. If you do not have specific room responsibilities, hang out in the and greet parents...joke around with the kids coming in...encourage your volunteers.
  • Walk around. During each weekend service I intentionally walk around every area of our kidmin. My main agenda during this time is to encourage the staff and volunteers. Hugs...thanks for serving and making an impact...I appreciate you...small talk.
  • Stick around after the service. Talk to to relationships. One thing I admire about our senior pastors is that they always stay down front after the service and minister to people until the last person that wants to talk or pray with them has done so.
I know it's cool in the "green room." It feeds our ego. It makes us feel special. It is alot easier than being among people.'s not where we should be. Our ministry has to be all about people and getting involved in their lives. Face to face...real time...right in the middle of the crowd.

Where do you spend most of your time before, during, and after services? Is it in the Green Room? If so, you may want to reconsider being a "Green Roomer."