Have you seen the reality show Hoarders? Wow...it's amazing how someone can hoard that much stuff. Most of the time they are hoarding a bunch of junk. But...before I look down my nose at the people on the show and say "Hello...what's your issue?"...I must look at my own life. It's easy to be a Hoarder. I'm not talking about hoarding junk...I'm talking about hoarding money, cars, time, talent, etc.

As Christ Followers, God has not called us to hoard what He has blessed us with. He has called us to live a life of generosity. He has called us to share our time, treasure, and talents with others so His kingdom can be advanced.

I must ask myself, "What am I hoarding?" Could I skip going out to eat more and give the money to outreach? Could I do without that new car so that more Bibles can be distributed? Could I open my house more often to minister to others? Instead of putting that little extra cash in the bank, could I give it to help a family that is struggling due to medical bills?

God help me not to be a hoarder. Help me to live a life of generosity.

Posted by Dale Hudson