Let Them Lead!

One of my favorite times is in the baptismal waiting area. I get to talk and pray with the kids and their parents who are about to be baptized in the service. I always gather everyone in a circle and pray with the kids and their parents as they prepare for baptism.

This past weekend, I was standing there in the circle and I was about to pray when God stopped me. His gentle voice said, "Let their fathers pray over them." I obeyed that still small voice and watched as two fathers, big strong men, wrapped their arms around their sons and prayed for them. I felt the power of these father's prayers soaking into the life of their sons. The boys will never forget it. The day their father prayed over them just before they were baptized.

It reminded me again that I need to get out of the way more often and let parents do what they were created to do...lead their children spiritually.

Posted by Dale Hudson