Second Mile...Second Nature

Yesterday my wife and I went to a Japanese Steakhouse for lunch in downtown West Palm. Cool vibe...relaxing atmosphere...great service.

When I was in the process of paying for the meal, something happened to me that I had never experienced before. The hostess, who had given us excellent service throughout the meal, brought back the little black book to our table. You know, the little black book that has a convenient slot for your credit card and contains your receipts.

You know how there are usually two receipts inside the black book. One is for you and the other is for the restaurant. Are you like me? I have to always take a few seconds to figure out which receipt is the stores and which is mine. Not a big deal, but a nuisance nevertheless.

When I opened the infamous black book, my copy of the receipt had been carefully wrapped around my credit card. It may seem like a small thing...but I appreciated not having to look for the "guest copy" receipt.

It's the little extra things like this that gives people a "second mile" experience. Jesus said in Matthew 5, that we should go the second mile when we serve people. Going the second mile should be such a part of our DNA...that it's second nature.

Take every chance you get to go the second mile for the kids and families you serve. In fact, don't just take them...make them! Create opportunities where you can show people that you really care. Anyone can go the first mile...but a children's team whose second nature is to go the second mile will impact many.

Posted by Dale Hudson