Simple Connections...Big Impacts

I love hanging out in the hallways of our children's building before and after service. I walk around...and I connect. I connect with kids. I connect with volunteers. I connect with parents. Even those small moments you connect can make a big impact. Here's a couple of simple things I do to connect...

You've seen these (and you wish you had thought to invent them just like me)

On weekends I have a dozen of these on my wrist. And I look for opportunities to use them to connect. A new child. A boy whose parents are going through a divorce. A child that isn't smiling. I kneel down in front of them, smile, and ask them to hold out their wrist. Then I give them one and tell them I'm so glad they are here. Normally a smile or giggle follows.

I downloaded this app on my phone. It's a free, simple app that is a great way to connect with kids. I walk up to kids and parents with it. I let them play with Tom. They laugh as he repeats what they say, purrs as they rub his belly, falls down when they tap him, or drinks a glass of milk they served him. For just a couple of minutes we make a connection as me, Tom, and a kid interact. For many kids, that simple connection will be the highlight of their week. And just maybe, it will open their heart a little wider to receive the message God has for them that day.

Simple connections...big impacts.

Posted by Dale Hudson