Visual Volunteer Vision

Below is a picture that is right outside our kidmin offices. Each part of our ministry has a volunteer wish list. The green notes represent new volunteers that we need. The green notes have the staff leader's name of that area on them. Once a volunteer comes into that position, we put a pink note over the staff member's name with the new volunteer's name on it.

This serves as a great visual reminder to invite people to join our team. We walk past it every day and ask God to send us the right people for these spots.

Our goal is to fill every one of these positions. We need more volunteers....we currently have 1200...but we need more...lots more...and it will always be that way. 99.9% of churches will always need more volunteers. Unless the church is only takes 4 people to lower a dead church coffin into the ground.

Think about this:
1. Draw up a list of volunteer positions. If you could have every position you wanted, what would it look like?
2. Attach those positions on a board.
3. Pray and invite people one-on-one to join you.
4. Watch God fill the list.