A Shining Light for Jesus in Hollywood...and she's 10!

Bailee Madison is a girl who has God's hand upon her life...and she turns 11 on Friday!  If you haven't see her story...you gotta see it. As I listened to her story, here's what I took away...
  • The influence a godly parent can have on their child. When you see a child who has the touch of God upon their life...there's a good chance there's a parent(s) who has poured into them. I was reminded again of the importance of partnering with parents and giving them tools to disciple their children.
  • Genuineness. There was no teleprompter. It's straight from the heart. You can always recognize genuineness when you see it. We need Christ Followers who are the real deal. So real that it's obvious.
  • God can use children in a great way. I was reminded of the many children in the Bible that God used. He's done it in the past and He continues to do it today.
  • If we give children the opportunity to serve and discover their gifts at an early age, they can make a huge impact. What opportunities am I giving the children in our ministry to serve and grow as leaders?
  • As Christians, we gotta' get out of our bubble and into the culture. Jesus calls us to go to those who need Him...not for them to come to us. Bailee is getting ready to do movies alongside several Hollywood "A" listers. This is opening a huge door for her to share her faith.
  • Your greatest enemy when you are successful is pride. You must stay humble. Bailee is learning this at an early age...which will lead to God using her in an ever greater way.
  • When given the opportunity, kids can grow deep faith roots that makes them wise beyond their years. Ever seen a 10 year old who has the depth of a 30 year old?
Watch Bailee's story....what does God speak to you about when you listen to her? What can we do in our ministries to see more kids become shining lights?

Posted by Dale Hudson