Lori's Leadership Tips

I am blessed to serve with a great children's ministry team. They are my family...we do life together...laugh together...cry together...celebrate together..and grow together. Each person on our team brings so much to the table. I learn a lot more from them than they do from me. 

Lori is our Nursery Coordinator. (below on right) Everything rises and falls on leadership. Our nursery is a safe and inviting place for parents to bring their babies because of her leadership. Calm...positive...loving...qualities that make a great Nursery Coordinator.

One of the things Lori does best is leading her team of volunteers. She connects with them so well. You can tell by the way they interact with her that they feel valued and supported.

Today I asked Lori to share in staff meeting some of the things she does to connect with and support her volunteers. She shared some great stuff. Stuff that is not just talked about but lived out. Here are some of the things she shared...
  • Be strategic in your communication. Your volunteers have alot of info. coming at them.
  • Call your volunteers just to see how they are doing.
  • Thank each volunteer for serving every week.
  • Be aware that your volunteer have very busy lives. Things are going to happen. When they can't make it to serve be understanding. People respond better to grace than to pressure.
  • All her volunteers have her cell phone number. 
  • Keep a fun, light-hearted atmosphere.
  • Be there to serve your volunteers on weekends. She sees herself as a flight attendant. Going from room to room and meeting the needs of her team.
  • Get to know your volunteers personally. Know what is going on in their lives.
  • Show you care. She bakes cookies, treats, etc. and brings them on weekends for her team.
  • Listen alot more than you talk.
  • Connect your volunteers with each other. Help them build relationships with the people they serve with.
  • Make love a priority on your team. One of Lori's volunteers recently said she loves serving because it's the only place where she feels people love her for who she is. 
Thanks Lori for sharing. Your insight and leadership is an encouragement to us all.