Dec 15, 2010

Staff Advance

We do two children's ministry staff retreats a year. We call them "Advances" because our goal is to move forward, not "retreat."

The first Advance is held in late July for two days. The goals for this Advance are:

Day One:
  • Spiritual Renewal
  • Prayer Time
  • Team Building
  • Vision Casting
  • Fun and Games
  • Leadership Development

Day Two:
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Leadership Development
  • Goal Setting for next year
  • Calendar Planning for next year
The other Advance is held in January for one day. The goals for this Advance are:
  • Spiritual Renewal
  • Prayer Time
  • Leadership Development
  • Review of previous year
  • Goal overview for coming year
  • Fun and Games
  • Team Building
Here are some general tips for holding an Advance (retreat):
  • Hold it off-site. It will enhance the experience.
  • Give your team the agenda ahead of time so they can come prepared to discuss, plan, etc.
  • Invite someone from your senior leadership to come and speak.
  • Have a note taker who writes down or types up everything that is discussed. Send a copy to everyone after the Advance is over.
  • Start the day off with a devotion and payer. 
  • Have fun. Play some games, do a fun activity, etc.
  • Have some team building activities that will bring you closer together.
  • Provide lunch and snacks.
  • Cell phones off.
If you would like a copy of our agenda for both of our Advances, feel free to email me at

Posted by Dale Hudson


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