Text the Text!

Looking for ideas to help equip parents to be the spiritual leader of their children? Here's one.

What if you gave parents a Bible verse to text to their kids each day? If you're like my wife and I, we constantly send text messages to our kids. It's one of the primary ways we communicate with them during the day.

Starting today, we're going to be texting our kids a short Bible verse each day with a note that reminds them that we love them and are praying for them. Then beginning next week, we will be providing parents with a list of key verses they can text to their children.

We often tell the kids in our ministry that the Bible is like a big text message from God.  There is power in the text of God's Word. I believe as parents begin reading a verse each day and then send it to their children, it will make a huge impact in their lives.

Can't wait to see what happens when parents begin texting the powerful "text" of God's Word to their children.

Posted by Dale Hudson