Brand New

A recent US study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin and University of Michigan reveals that young children understand advertising and branding concepts. The children's recognition rates were as high as 92% for some of the brands. The most commonly recognized brand was McDonald's, followed by other fast food, soda and toy companies. And the study showed children use brand cues to determine what food products will be exciting or which toys will be the most enjoyable.

Did you catch that last sentence? Brand cues play a big part in children connecting with what you are promoting.

If your children's ministry is in desperate need of a fresh touch, then one of the best places to start is with your branding. A new branding logo can immediately create a buzz among children and parents.

Take a look at your current branding logo. What does it communicate? What would children say if asked what emotions or feelings it evokes? Happiness? Fun? Love? Acceptance? Laughter? or Boredom? Shhhhh? Rules? Solemness?

If are not satisfied with the answers and are ready for a new branding logo, then keep these tips in mind...
  • Have it created professionally. If you need outside help, then Google "logo design" and you will have a host of companies and freelancers to choose from. It's worth the few extra dollars to have it done by a professional instead of whipping up something cheesy in Microsoft Publisher.
  • Make it kid-friendly. Look through the eyes of a child...not an adult. Get several options and bring kids in to pick which one they like the best.
  • Design it to appeal to older kids. Cool rolls downhill. If a 5th grade boy thinks it's a cool branding logo, then the younger kids will like it as well.
  • Get it out there. T-shirts, backpacks, wrist bands, bags, hats, key chains, and more. Put it on items that children will take to school and to their neighborhood.
You obviously must have substance, community, excellence, and quality to back up what the logo portrays. Just make sure your logo is a reflection of that and doesn't downplay what happens behind it.

When I came to the church I serve in, we had a logo that had been around for a long time. It was okay, but it was definitely time for a fresh look. I spent many hours working with a professional designer to create a new branding logo that would be a brand new reflection of our commitment to excellence in children's ministry. After a lot of tweaks and input from others, we finally got just the logo we were looking for. It immediately created a buzz among our children, families, and volunteers.

It's a new you need a new branding logo?

 Posted by Dale Hudson