Jan 18, 2011

Children's Building Video Tour

Below is a video tour of our children's building. INCM asked us to make this for the recent Children's Pastor's Conference in Orlando.

I trust you enjoy the tour. It's rough and uncut. Wanted it to be real time. I love to theme out children's environments. It says to kids and parents, "We value you. We have created a place with you in mind."

A themed environment can really help you get new famiiles in the door. I heard someone say "A great children's building will make your children's ministry seem better than it is and a run down children's building will make your children's ministry seem a lot worse than it really is."

That being said, keep in mind that buildings and cool decorations don't change lives..people who are used by God do that. A themed environment will get new families in the door, but it's relationships that keeps them. Both are important...you can't build relationships with empty seats...and you can have the coolest environment in the world, but without dedicated volunteers not much is going to happen.

Last weekend, we had a children's pastor from out of state visiting. My heart skipped a beat with joy when he told me, "The children's area is really cool, but I was even more impressed with the love and spirit of the volunteers."

Maybe 2011 is your year to dream big...maybe ask for a children's environment face lift...maybe get some new playground equipment...maybe start laying out plans for a new children's building. Everyone can do something. Even if you just paint the walls a kid-friendly color, it will make a big difference.

If I can be of help to you don't hesitate to ask. I have been through three major children's ministry building projects and have learned some things...a lot of them through mistakes, trial and error, and some wins along the way.

God's Town Tour from Dale Hudson on Vimeo.

Posted by Dale Hudson


Idea for rear projection screens that don't have enough room. http://creativestyrofoam.blogspot.com/2011/01/idea-for-rear-projection-screens.html

I was curious if I could have access to the video you had on here at one time! We have a new set of team leaders and would love to show them the video as we are designing a new kids area! thank you!

Hi Erin, send me an email at dale@buildingchildrensministry.com and I'll email you the link to the video. Exciting to hear about your new kids' area.

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