"Joseph had a dream..."  Genesis 37:5

What dream has God placed in your heart for 2011? What is burning inside that captivates your thoughts? What mountain is He asking you to climb? What has He planted deep within your soul that needs to be birthed?

What will it take to see the dream fulfilled? Early mornings? Late nights? Making a contact you've been hesitant to make? Stepping out in faith? Taking a risk? Investing money? Prayer and fasting? Persistence? Determination? Courage?

What will stop you from seeing the dream fulfilled? Finances? Lack of time? Opposition from others? Health? Not enough support? Anytime you have a dream you can expect opposition. Joseph had plenty of it...even from his family. But a pit, slavery, betrayal, temptation, trials, and prison couldn't stop him.

When will you see the dream fulfilled? After you let people know about it...after you start planning for it...after you take your first step toward it. It will be a journey. It certainly was for Joseph. But when God is the originator of a dream, it will become reality. Perhaps 2011 is the year for your dream. Dream....dream...dream.

Posted by Dale Hudson