Leader or Driver?

Are you a leader or a driver? There is a big difference. A Biblical example is Moses and Pharaoh. Moses led the people of Israel through the Red Sea. Pharaoh drove his army into the Red Sea. A driver is a facade of a true leader.

A Leader leads by Example....A Driver drives by Force
  • Do I ask people to do things I am not willing to do myself?
  • Do I lead people from my position or from trust and respect?
  • Am I more concerned about people serving me or me serving people?
  • Do I take risks for my team or do I always play it safe?
  • Do I show people what to do or tell people what to do?

A Leader leads by Equipping....A Driver drives by Firing
  • Do people know if they make a mistake I will coach them through it or do they fear I will fire them?
  • Do people feel like I am investing in them or just using them?
  • Do I have a growth plan for the people I lead or do I leave them to figure things out for themselves?
  • Do people see their job responsibilities as a growth path or a way to keep from getting fired?
  • Do I spend more time mentoring or managing?

A Leader leads by Encouragement...A Driver drives by Fear
  • Am I leading from the front with a flag or from the back with a whip?
  • Do people feel comfortable coming to me with questions and feedback or are they afraid to share with me?
  • Do people leave team meetings excited or worried about their assignments?
  • Do people hear me cheering for them or yelling at them?
  • Do I point out more positive things about my team than I do negative things?
Here are two great examples of a Leader and a Driver. Who would the people you lead say you resemble the most?



Posted by Dale Hudson