It'll Cost You!

Each Sunday morning, I meet with our KidMin staff before everyone else arrives. We share a short devo and then spend time praying for the day, for our volunteers, and for each other.

I normally share something that God talked to me about while I was reading His Word that week. This past weekend, I shared from the story of The Good Samaritan found in Luke 10. In this passage,there was a discussion going on about loving others. Jesus told a story to help bring clarity to the question.

You know the story. As I read it, God reminded me that there is a price to pay when you help others. It cost the Good Samaritan and it will cost us. It'll cost us...

The story tells us that he saw the man lying there in desperate need. When he saw the man, he had to make a decision. Help or not help? Pity or pass on? Compassion or callousness? Now if you're like me, my temperament is not always bent toward pity. In our metro area, there are homeless people standing at many of the stoplights. When cars pull up and stop, they walk up and down the row with a sign asking for money. I find myself sometimes wanting to look the other way. I'm being honest here...sometimes I just don't want to be bothered. I think all of our temperaments are bent that way at times. But this story reminds me that it will cost me when I help others. I will need to go against my temperament at times.

Travel plans.
It says the man was on a journey. He had somewhere to go. People to see. Things to do. And suddenly he is confronted with a detour that God has set up right in the middle of his travel plans. There are days when we have our "to do list" of things that must be accomplished. And suddenly, someone comes along that needs our help. And God reminds us that to truly help others, it will sometimes cost us our travel plans. It will mean setting aside our "to do list" and going on a detour of compassion.

It took the Good Samaritan time to help. It took time to stop,  time to bind up the man's wounds, time to get him on his horse, time to take him to the inn, time to make sure he was taken care of, and time to stop back by and check on him later. Time is one of our most precious commodities. And if you want to help others, it will cost you a lot of it. It will mean taking a call in the middle of the night. It will mean going to the hospital when you just want to chill in front of the TV. It will mean sitting and listening to someone pour out their heart when you want to be working on the weekend lesson.

Treasure. The Good Samaritan footed the bill to help the man. He paid for the bandages, the medicine, and the inn where he recuperated. If you want to help others...get will cost you financially. It may even mean being taken advantage of once in a while. When you help others there is risk involved. But better to to be taken advantage of once in awhile than to walk past those who are hurting. 

I'm sure the Good Samaritan got blood and dirt on his clothes while helping the man. It was messy...very messy. You see, the easy thing to do is just help those who are clean, have their act together, and aren't hurting. But Jesus calls us to the broken...the bleeding...the battered. And will cost us our tidy little ministry. will cost you to help others. But a rescued life is worth the cost...many times over.

Posted by Dale Hudson