RedRover RedRover...Send Your Kids Right On Over!

A new app called "RedRover" just hit the market yesterday for the iPhone. RedRover is a private social network for parents to research and share everything from child-friendly restaurants to the closest hospitals in an emergency as well as schedule play dates. The RedRover app helps you locate nearby kid-friendly stores, restaurants, play areas, and more. You can then use the app to invite your friends and their kids to join you at a specified time. Users are also encouraged to leave their tips, thoughts,and feedback about the place they went.

This morning, I have been pondering how this app could be used in Children'/Family Ministry?
  • Parents could use it to invite unchurched friends to meet them at a chldren/family event at church?
  • Perhaps it could be used to remind parents of upcoming family church events?
  • If you are on a church road trip, you could use it to quickly find a hospital in case of an emergency?
  • You could use it to notify your volunteers that you are eating lunch at a specific restaurant and invite them to join you.
  • Parents can use it to schedule allotted, individual time with their children each week.
Would enjoy hearing your ideas on how this app can be used in Chidlren/Familiy Ministry.