You Gave Up Too Soon!

Somewhere back there you had an idea. It resonated deep within your soul. You believed it could make an impact. You mulled over it for months before you told anyone about it.

Others nodded in agreement, but their eyes didn't light up like you thought they would. The passion you felt for the idea wavered each time you only received a polite response.

Eventually the flame got weaker and weaker...until it was barely visible. So you decided to put it away...hide it under a bush.

But you gave up too soon. You stopped just short of success. You didn't share with the right person at the right time. And that may take a while.

Consider the story of Sylvester Stallone...

Sylvester Stallone had it rough as child.  He was taunted in school and in and out of foster homes.

He didn't have it much better as an adult.  Not able to earn a steady income, and having to sell his dog for $25.00 to help turn on his electricity, he was faced with many obstacles.

It was only 2 weeks after selling his dog that he wrote the Rocky script in nearly 20 hours straight.  He peddled the script relentlessly.  Finally, being rejected over 1500 times, Stallone was given a nod by United Artists for $125,000.  BUT -  only if Stallone would NOT star in it. Stallone refused.

He was subsequently offered $250,000 and $325,000! He would not accept unless he starred in it. Finally they compromised.  They would allow him to play the role of Rocky, but would only pay him $35,000 and a percentage of profits as a concession. He accepted.

Incidentally, Stallone's first purchase with his $35,000 windfall was buying his dog back for a whopping $15,000!  Rocky cost $1,000,000 to make. It grossed over $200,000,000!! His sequels grossed over a billion dollars!!!

Pull that idea back out. It won't change the world under a bush. The world needs it...we just don't know it yet. We need you to keep telling us until we finally get it.

Posted by Dale Hudson