The Importance of the Week AFTER Easter!

Many times we get so busy preparing for Easter that we forget about the importance of the week AFTER Easter. Effectively following up with Easter guests and volunteers can take your ministry to a new level.

Guest Follow Up.  It's important to follow up with first-time guests from Easter. 
  • "Thank you for attending" letter. Include a coupon for a free gift they can receive the next time they return.
  • Phone call. Personal, but brief and not invasive.
  • Hand written note. A hand written note means a lot to people in the day of technology.

Big weekend following Easter. 
  • Have a big, exciting day the weekend after Easter. This is a great hook to get people back in the door. It points them to coming back the next weekend.
  • Have a special reception/meal for all the Easter guests the next weekend. Invite them to come and meet the Pastor at this event
  • Start a special sermon series the next weekend for kids and adults. Make it a relevant topic that will intrigue people to come back.

Easter Volunteer Follow Up .
  • Most churches utilize lots of new volunteers at Easter. People sign up to do a one-time serve for this day. 
  • A great percentage of them will join your team on a consistent basis, if you ask them.
  • Have your regular volunteers engage with them and share the blessings and spiritual growth they receive from serving. 
  • Have clear next steps they can take if they want to join the team on a regular basis.
  • Call them within two weeks and ask how their serving experience went. Ask them to join the team.

If you're like me, I normally just want to crash after Easter. When the last service is over, I want to slip into a comatose state for the next week. But if we do that, we are missing one of our greatest times of outreach, follow up, and growth.

Here is a sample of a couple of pieces we are handing out at Easter to get people back the next weekend.