Reach Out To Church CEO's This Easter!

CEO's....every church has them. 
Families that show up at 
Christmas and Easter Only. 

I think we all joke about this at times, but the truth is, it is an extreme reflection of the attendance patterns of many families. Recent research shows that the average family who attends church only comes once every three weeks and many just once a month.

So how do we encourage families to attend more often? How do we encourage families to take a hard look at their priorities and commitment?

One thing we are doing this Easter is reaching out to the CEO families who will be at church. We have created a special, creative communication piece just for parents. This piece will share with them the spiritual benefits their children can receive through consistent attendance.

Our goal is to see our CEO families and all of our families become more consistent in their attendance.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like an email copy of the communication piece we will be handing out. I'd also enjoy hearing any ideas, insight, or strategies you have used or are thinking about using to reach out to CEO families.

Posted by Dale Hudson