Apr 12, 2011

Reach Out To Church CEO's This Easter!

CEO's....every church has them. 
Families that show up at 
Christmas and Easter Only. 

I think we all joke about this at times, but the truth is, it is an extreme reflection of the attendance patterns of many families. Recent research shows that the average family who attends church only comes once every three weeks and many just once a month.

So how do we encourage families to attend more often? How do we encourage families to take a hard look at their priorities and commitment?

One thing we are doing this Easter is reaching out to the CEO families who will be at church. We have created a special, creative communication piece just for parents. This piece will share with them the spiritual benefits their children can receive through consistent attendance.

Our goal is to see our CEO families and all of our families become more consistent in their attendance.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like an email copy of the communication piece we will be handing out. I'd also enjoy hearing any ideas, insight, or strategies you have used or are thinking about using to reach out to CEO families.

Posted by Dale Hudson


I think the Communication piece to CEO's is an awesome idea! Would you please e-mail me the communication?
Tori Morris
Children's Pastor
Campbellsville Baptist Church
e-mail: torim@cvillebaptist.com

I would love to see your communication piece! We try to give a special activity pack to kids at C & E services to help families know we think their child is important and to encourage their participation in the service.

Shayla Hale
Children's Minsiter
Ridgecrest Baptist Church

Send me a copy. Would like to see it. We do a similar thing. Maybe we can improve ours.


I would like a copy also! We plan on doing something similar as well.


(i know its ridiculously long)

Hi Dale,

Please email a copy please!

Rob Clark



please send me the info on ceo's am very much interested thanks and God Bless donnasyster@peoplepc.com

I'd love a copy too!

thanks so much for all the insight and encouragement you give to others in ministry!

Hello Dale,

Great post. I'd love to have a copy of the CEO communication piece you'll be handing out.


Good Morning Dale,

I would love to see this piece that you have put together. As some mentioned, We do something similar but I am looking to take it to another level.

Thank you,

Childrens Director

Thank you. This is a reality that we see in our congregation and extended church family
Please send me a copy of your CEO material

Hi! I'd love to see it as well! Please email me a copy at:


Cassie Eiler
The Springs Church

What a wonderful idea! I would love a copy. My e-mail address is

Becki Jahn
All Saints Anglican Church


Please forward me the communication piece you used. Thanks!

Janet @

Can you please email me the communication piece as well? Thanks so much!


I'd love too see the CEO communication piece that you are handing out this year. In the Northeast, Holy Week coincides with school vacation week so it is very hard to predict numbers for our Palm Sunday and Easter services--glad vacation week will be different from Holy Week next year. My email address is
Thank you for all your posts---I read every one and have shared your Sparks with my teaching team---can't wait for the next one.
Susan Holbrook
Director of Children's Ministries
UCC Medfield

Thank you! I would love to see a copy as well. Would you please e-mail me the communication?
Jennifer Souter
Children's Pastor
Oakdale Emory UMC
e-mail: jsouter@oeumc.org

Dale, can you please email me a copy of the communication to parents. Thx.


Thank you for so generously sharing your rich insights and heart stirrings with fellow companions in ministry with children. Please include me in the list of those very interested in receiving your CEO communication via e-mail.

In His joy, Julia

I would love a copy of your communication piece!

Ruth Hug
Rainier View Christian Church

I would love a copy of your communication piece.
Thank you so much for graciously sharing ministry ideas!

Ruth Hug
Rainier View Christian Church

Please e-mail me a copy...thank you for sharing!!

Be blessed,


Hello. Could I get a copy via email as well, please?

Thank you!


Hi Dale! Thanks for sharing this great idea! I'd love a copy...

As I plan, I keep wondering what you said in that letter! Can I get a copy?


Thanks! Charity

Hi Dale, great idea. Pls send me a copy. Thx.

Hi Dale,

I would very much enjoy receiving more information on the CEO Communication. We made the Giant Silly Bands last year for our kids message and we loved it! Do you have other Easter message recommendations?

Nancy Gullum
New Life Church

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