The Best Kind of Motivation

Do you have the best kind of motivation? Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer "yes" to these questions, then it may be time for a motivation overhaul.

  • Is my paycheck the deciding factor that is keeping me at this job?

  • Do I take it easy or slack when my boss is on vacation?

  • Does it ruin my day when I don't get a pat on the back for a job I completed?

  • Do I thrive on the applause of others?

  • Do my goals come from someone else?

  • Does someone have to look over my shoulder to make sure assignments are done?

  • Are all the books I read assigned to me by someone else?

  • Am I easily manipulated by others?

  • Am I afraid to take risks?

  • Do I give up when faced with obstacles? 


    Here's ten steps to take to become more self-motivated.
    1. Discipline yourself to do your best work when no one is looking.
    2. Set goals for yourself and track your progress. Hold yourself accountable to the goals.
    3. Read books on a regular basis to improve yourself.
    4. Get in your sweet spot. It's hard to get motivated about something you don't enjoy doing.
    5. Remember the best way to get approval is to not need it. Let your approval come from within.
    6. Step out and do what you are afraid to do.
    7. Have a "leaders are always in school" mentality.
    8. See challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles.
    9. Know what energizes you. Keep notes on when your motivation is lacking and when you feel like you can conquer the world!
    10. Push back negative thoughts. Fill your mind with Scriptures like "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."