Volunteer Conduct - Are You Responsible?

Below is a video from Church Law Group that provides valuable info. about your responsibility as a church in the area of volunteer conduct.

Are you held responsible for a volunteer's actions?
What preventative measures can you take to minimize risks?

After the video, I have posted some of the safeguards we have put in place to help protect our ministry. In the comment section, feel free to share some of the safeguards that you have established as well. Let's work together to protect the children God has placed in our care.

Some of the safeguards I have put in place for our ministry:
  • Everyone must have a background check before serving.
  • If something pops on a background check, a team of 3 people decide if the person will be allowed to serve. This is case by case depending on the nature of the charge and how long ago it happened.
  • Anyone who has abused a child will never be allowed to serve in our Children's Ministry.
  • Everyone must be interviewed before serving. In this interview, we ask the hard questions.
  • We ask up front if they have anything questionable on Facebook, a web page, etc. that would bring harm to the name of Christ.
  • We check references on everyone.
  • Everyone signs an agreement that they will abide by the established guidelines. They also agree that if something changes in their life that would jeopardize their ability to serve, they will notify us.
  • If we hear about conduct that doesn't follow our guidelines, we meet with the person to get clarity and resolution.
  • No one is ever allowed to be alone with a child.
  • There are windows in every room.

Posted by Dale Hudson