Who Is Making Your First Impression?

If the first impression is a lasting impression, then it's vital that you have the right people making the first impression. Stop for a minute and think about...

Who is the person greeting the new families who walk in your door?

Who is the person answering phone calls?

Who is the person helping new families check in?

Who is the person welcoming new mothers and their babies into your nursery?

Who is the person walking guests to their classroom?

Are they....
  • A people person?
  • Someone who naturally smiles a lot?
  • Someone who has a pleasant personality?
  • Happy?
  • Someone who values people over policies and procedures?
  • Able to put nervous people at ease?
  • Caring?

People's first impression is not completely tied to a building or an environment. You can have the greatest facilities in the world...but if the person who greets them is unfriendly or displays the "you are bothering me" vibe...then that is what your guest will remember.

It might not be your music or your teachers that are hindering guests from coming back. It might be the person you have at the front door or at check-in.

And if that's the case, do you have the courage to move them and find someone who has the gift mix to make a good first impression?

Posted by Dale Hudson