3 Simple Words to Use When Explaining to Kids What It Means to Follow Jesus

Here are 3 simple words that you can use when explaining to kids what it means to follow Jesus. They are easy for kids to remember and communicate clearly what a relationship with Jesus looks like. I have found that they are great to use with parents as well.

Here's what to communicate. "When you decide to follow Jesus, you are asking Him to be three things in your life."

LEADER. You are saying you will obey Him. It doesn't mean you will be perfect, but it does mean you are going to listen to Him and do what He says. (Romans 10:9)

FORGIVER.  You are telling Jesus you are sorry for your sins and asking Him to forgive you. You are turning from them and relying totally upon what He did on the cross for your forgiveness. (Acts 3:19)

FRIEND. You are asking Jesus to be your best friend. You are entering a relationship with him. (John 15:13-14)

You can use the abbreviation (LFF) to help place these words into a child's long-term memory. They use the words BFF all the time to describe friendship, so the link to LFF is very easy for them.

Posted by Dale Hudson