Strategic Elementary Service Flow

I love watching kids being engaged, excited, inspired, and encouraged through a carefully planned service. It takes strategic planning to make this happen. After years of watching, learning, trial and error, and fine-tuning, I've come up with the following service flow. This flow is based on a large group/small group format, but can be adapted to fit other service styles.

1 - FAST
  • Start off fast and furious with a fast, upbeat song, energetic welcome, crazy game, etc. Bring it and let them know they are getting ready for a fun, engaging adventure.
  • Gradually begin to move to a medium speed pace with a skit, video clip, medium speed song, etc.
  • During this time you are gearing the kids down for the lesson and small group time.
3 - SLOW
  • Use a slow, meditative worship song, offering, prayer, etc. to prepare kid's hearts for the lesson.
  • Bring the lesson during this time. 
  • Slow doesn't mean boring. The lesson should be engaging and include humor, application, audience participation, interaction, etc.
  • After the lesson, kids transition into small groups of 6 to 8 kids for discussion questions, activities, prayer, Bible memory, life application, etc. This is led by a caring leader in each group.
  • After small groups, start ramping back up toward an exciting, high-energy closing. 
  • This segment can include announcements, second part of a skit, Bible verse review, etc.
5 - FAST
  • The last part of the service is what kids will remember the most. The rest of the service can be great, but if you end on a dull note, they will most likely say the service was boring. 
  • Finish up with the same energy level as the beginning of the service. 
  • This can be accomplished through a high-energy review game, fast song, etc.

I think you will be amazed at how the kids will engage and love the service.