Kidmin Conference 2011 - Closing Session

The Kidmin Conference closed out this morning.  Speakers Jim Wideman, Larazus Chakwera,
Gina McClain, and Brian Haynes were asked to share the "one thing" they would leave with the attendees.

Jim Wideman

  • A love for the Word of God. 
  • Sometimes we have loved other things more than the Word of God.  
  •  Just because you love Jesus doesn’t mean you love God’s Word. 
  • If we can instill in kids a love for God’s Word, it will show them how to love Jesus.
  • God’s Word is life. 
  • Serve from the overflow. Ministry is like a checkbook – deposits and withdrawals. You have to deposit into your life each day by reading God's Word. If you don't, you'll be trying to serve from bounced spiritual checks.

Lazarus Chakwera

  • Keep a passionate love for God. 
  • When you love God there is always something for you to do. 
  • Service that is born out of love for God will be a blessing instead of a task.

Gina McClain

  • Mobilize children to live out their faith. 
  • Give them defined action steps to apply the truths they have learned. 
  • Help them put feet to their faith.
  • Mobilize families to make a difference in their neighborhood.  
  • If you moved out of your neighborhood, would your family be missed? 

Brian Haynes

  • Your primary ministry must be your family. 
  • Your child needs you as a dad more than as a Pastor. 
  • Your wife needs you as a husband more than as a Pastor.
  • Don’t let your calling cause you to cheat on your time with your family. 
  • Love not only the Lord with all your heart…but love your family with all your heart as well. 
  • Be committed to your family more than the church.

It was an incredible blessing to be part of this conference. If you didn't attend, I want to encourage you to consider joining us next year. You can register here. I will be posting more reviews at a later date.

Posted by Dale Hudson