Jan 16, 2012

Do You Recognize the Importance of 100 Little Details?

Last week I was eating dinner at a Disney Resort.  Here is what the butter looked like when they brought it to the table.  Notice the detail.  That's what makes Disney...Disney.  They give fantastic attention to the 100's of little details.

Excellence is simply the little details done well.  The "little" details that we skip over may be the key to taking our ministries to the next level. 

Posted by Dale Hudson


Dale I love it...the difference between excellence and mediocre is attention to detail!

Kinda funny too...sometimes I feel like I've invested so much energy on detail that just like this butter - it gets noticed but then tossed aside (crafts, take-home activities, parent newsletters, etc). But...loved the butter!

You're right Dale. Usually when someone notices soothing in a ministry, it is because there are many details that were taken care of to minister well that makes them notice the one thing they just saw.

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