6 Secrets to Effective Easter Follow-Up

In a few weeks Easter will be over.  Then it will be time to follow up on the guests and CEO's (Christmas and Easter Only) who came.  The goal is to help them take a step toward becoming consistent attenders.

Here are six ways to help them get started.

#1 - Make sure they have a great first experience.  This is the best thing you can do in my opinion.  If we spent more time up front making people feel welcome, we wouldn't have to spend as much time afterwards trying to get them to come back.  If people have a bad experience, it doesn't matter how many times you call them or write them, they are not going to come back.  Meet and exceed their expectations on their first visit.  Create irresistible environments and they will return.  This includes everything from parking to directional signage to Children's Ministry to greeters to worship and more.

#2 - Send them a personal, handwritten note within 48 hours.  We live in the day of digital communication with email, text, video, twitter, and generated form letters.  A simple, personal, handwritten note can have an even bigger impact than a letter created by mail merge or an email with a cool video attached.

#3 - Give them a personal phone call if they ask for one.  Give them the option to request a phone call on the guest card and if they check "yes," call them by Wednesday.  The phone call should be relaxed and not come across as a "sales pitch."  Ask them if they enjoyed the service, if they have any connections at the church, and if they have any questions about the church?  Listen a lot more than you talk.  Sincerely thank them for coming and let them know they are welcome to come back any time.  Offer to help them get connected if they are interested.

#4 - Offer a free gift if they return.  Send them a coupon they can redeem for a free gift the next time they return.  We do this on a weekly basis for guests and see a good number come back. 

#5 - Show them the value of consistent attendance.  Reach out to your CEO's and share with them the importance of consistent attendance.  Here is a piece that we created last year to send home with all the parents on Easter.

#6 - Plan a special event or big day the weekend after Easter.  I have seen this work.  We did this at one church I served at and had a larger attendance the weekend after Easter than we did for Easter.  Here is an example of a big day the weekend after Easter.

What are some other ideas you have for Easter follow up?  Would enjoy seeing your thoughts in the comment section below.

Posted by Dale Hudson