7 Children's Ministry Guidelines You Can't Afford Not to Follow

Here are 7 guidelines that you can't afford not to follow.  These are things that can make or break your Children's Ministry.
  1. No one is ever allowed to be alone with a child.
  2. There must be two volunteers present before opening up a classroom for check-in.
  3. All potential volunteers must pass a background check and personal interview before they can begin serving.
  4. Parents must have a matching security tag to pick up their child.
  5. Guests get the very best treatment.  Roll out the red carpet.
  6. Use direct communication.  When problems, issues, or conflict arises, go directly to the person(s) involved.
  7. Respond within 48 hours to phone calls and emails.
What other guidelines are critical to Children's Ministry?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Posted by Dale Hudson