One Way to Make Your Children's Ministry Stand Out

The reality is most places do not have outstanding customer service.  It's obvious that most are just going through the motions and don't really care about you.  At least half or more barely acknowledge your existence...much less smile and make eye contact.  And God forbid you should ask for anything that might inconvenience them.  The second mile is very rarely walked.

The good news is this.  This makes organizations that deliver great customer service stand out even more.  And when people experience this, it makes a huge impression and they come back. 

If you want your Children's Ministry to stand out, then your customer service must stand out.

Here are some things you can do to make it happen...  

Remember organizations don't deliver great customer service....people deliver great customer service.  Get the right people in the right places.  Don't place Debbie Downer serving in your check-in and welcome areas.  Teach your volunteers how to interact with people...what to and what not to look people in the show genuine interest in people.   

Always walk....never point.  Average organizations just point or tell you where to go.  Great  organizations show you where to go by taking you there.  

Smile.  Think about how many employees smile at you when you check-out, ask a question, or pass them in the store.  Very few.  Teach your team to smile.  A simple smile sets you apart. 

Call people by name.  Train your team to use people's name when they interact with them.  It's a simple step that will quickly move the interaction from impersonal to personal.  People love to hear their name. 

Never just say "no."  If you ask for something extra or out of the ordinary, most places will simply say "no" with no offer to help you find a solution.  Especially if it means going the second mile.  Be different.  Run to the second mile not away from the second mile.   

Replace the "you are bothering me" attitude with an "it's a privilege to serve you" attitude.  The "you are bothering me" attitude that you encounter at many places leaves you feeling devalued and even angry at times, doesn't it.  But when you can tell someone is generally interested in helping you, it makes you feel valued and cared for.  Attitude is everything when it comes to customer service.

What are some other things you do to help your team stand out in their interactions with families?  Would enjoy seeing your ideas in the comment section below.