5 Children's Ministry Tips From Disney Cruise Line

Disney recently premiered a new cruise ship called the Disney Fantasy.  Here's a sneak peak inside the experience they are providing for families.  Following the video, I share 5 tips I picked up while watching followed by some related questions.  Think about these questions and discuss them with your team.  Your answers can greatly improve the experience you provide for kids and families.

Personal interest
They take a personal interest in each child.  On a ship filled with thousands of guests, they take time to personalize the experience for each child. 
  • Are children personally known when they attend our church?
  • Do children at our church have the opportunity to make a relational connection?
  • Do we have a strategy to move children from the row to a circle?
They have selected gifted people who are excellent at customer service, have great people skills, and show a caring interest in children and families.
  • Are we placing the right people on our team or just filling holes?
  • What qualities do we look for in people we invite to join our team?
  • How do we help people develop the gifts and talents God has given them in these areas?
The programming, shows, food, and service are done with excellence.  They have set a high expectation and strive to consistently reach it.
  • Are we committed to doing things with excellence?
  • What standards and expectations have we set for ourselves?
  • How do we consistently improve our ministry?   
Programming that is interactive
The programming contains interactive elements such as drawing a character and seeing it come alive on screen.  They know that kids and families love interactive, hands-on experiences.
  • Are kids experiencing interactive, hands-on learning in our ministry?
  • Are we using all the learning styles to teach children?
  • How can we make our programming more participatory?
Kids and families love to play and have fun.  They have scheduled in lots of free time for families to play.  They have created environments where fun and play is fostered.
  • Do kids describe our ministry as "fun?"
  • Do we hear laughter and giggling in our our classrooms on a regular basis?
  • How can we more effectively use "play" to communicate truth?