The Secret to Success

Did you know...

Groupon was put on life support and nearly shut down at one point in its meteoric rise.

WD-40 got its name because the first 39 experiments failed.  WD-40 literally stands for “Water Displacement - 40th Attempt.” 

Angry Birds, the incredibly popular game, was software maker Rovio’s 52nd attempt.  They spent eight years and nearly went bankrupt before finally creating their massive hit.

Sylvester Stallone was turned down over 1,500 times before someone finally said "yes" to the Rocky Script.

Colonel Sanders (KFC) was turned down 1,005 times before a restaurant agreed to use his chicken recipe.

Harrison Ford was rejected countless times and told he would never make it in the acting business. 

The secret to their success was...they didn't give up...even when they failed.

Failure paves the road to success.  
Use failure as data for how to succeed.  
Failure and success are intertwined.

Have you been thinking about quitting?  Don't!  Read this promise from God's Word.  Your best days of ministry are just ahead!

"But don’t give up.  No, rather take courage!  Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.” 
2 Chronicles 15:7