May 22, 2012

How Many Children's Ministry Staff Should a Church Have?

I am often asked how many Children's Ministry staff members a church should have?

The optimal ratio is one full-time staff member for every 100-125 children with a minimum of one for every 150-200 children.

The foundation of a great Children's Ministry is it's volunteer team.  But everything rises and falls on leadership.  It's vital to have solid staff leadership in place to enlist, equip, and encourage the volunteer team for the work of the ministry.


This one really interests me. Could you give me a little more info as to how you came to the ratio of staff to children? Is it what is widely being done, or do you have another method of measuring out hours of ministry worked per child. Maybe another survey, or something. I hope that makes sense.

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The ratio is based on several different reports over the years plus my own personal experience. I have found that the best scenario for me personally is 1 to 100. If you go much beyond 1-150, staff will get burned out, effective ministry is hindered, and volunteers are not cared for properly.

Hey Dale,

This is great information. Could you send me any reports you have on this topic? I'm gathering data from churches over the next week or so to see what comes from it. I'd really appreciate your input in the survey and any help you can provide in getting the word out.

The survey is here:

I blogged about it (and linked to this post) here:


I'd be glad to. Look forward to reading your post. Blessings.

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