May 11, 2012

Signage Ideas for Your Children's Ministry (Pt.9)

Today we are concluding a 9 part series about Children's Ministry signage.  Each day we are sharing one signage idea that can enhance your ministry.  Here's idea #9.

Service Dismissal Signage
Do you ever wonder when service is going to be over?  Service dismissal signage is a great way to take out the guessing and know exactly when parents are coming.

Wireless signal lights are a great way to go.  We have one in each classroom.

Green -  service is in progress

Yellow - 10 minutes left in service

Flashing Yellow - 5 minutes left in service

Red - service is dismissed, parents are coming

They are controlled by a single transmitter.  You can purchase the stoplights and transmitter from this company.


Thanks for these simple ideas that can easily be replicated. You've really got me thinking! Just like your DVD on the 4 questions people ask when they walk into church really challenged me. I'll be reading your blog more often. Kaye

Thanks Kaye. May God bless you and your ministry.

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