Jun 7, 2012

Personality Test for New Volunteers (free download)

A personality test can help in the process of finding the right ministry fit for new volunteers.  The Merrill and Reid profile is a simple test that is very effective.  We have all new volunteers take this and then match the results to ministry positions.  Below is a free download if you'd like to use it.
Personality Test


Would you happen to have a doc that you could post that gives a basic overview of the "4 personality types?" (i.e. - what are some traits or even fits for a "driver, etc.?")


1. Driving: Give the impression that they know what they want, where they are going, and how to get there quickly.

2. Expressive: Appear communicative, warm approachable and competitive. They involve other people with their feelings and thoughts.

3. Amiable: :Place a high priority on friendships, close relationships, and cooperative behavior. They appear to get involved in feelings and relations between people.

4. Analytical: Live life according to facts, principles, logic and consistency. Often viewed as cold and detached but appear to be cooperative in their actions as long as they can have some freedom to organize their own efforts.

You can take these and fit them to your ministry roles. An example would be a Greeter - I would place an expressive as a greeter. Another example would be an amiable - they would make a great small group leader.

What would be an exam;e of a driver and analytical?

M. Davis - a drive is an "A" type. This would be a coach, director, leader, etc.
A analytical would be someone who thinks through details, processes, etc. Hope that helps.

Your welcome Kathleen. Blessings.

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