New Must-See YouTube Channel for Pre-Teens

AwesomenessTV is a new, comedy-centric YouTube channel for pre-teens.  Since launching in June, it has grown to over 194,000 subscribers with over 40 million views.  

Founded by Brian Robbins, who has produced shows for Nickelodeon and CW, the channel features pop-culture talk, sports programs, and a drama called the Runaways.  He says the channel isn't banking on just creating disposable viral hits, but rather on building a consistent block of programming with a loyal audience. 

If you are looking for communication strategies that will help you connect with today's pre-teens, then go check out AwesomenessTV at this link.

(Disclaimer - this is not an endorsement, but simply an encouragement to look for strategies that will help you effectively connect with today's pre-teens.)