Like Father Like Son

I took this picture this past weekend.  I was helping set up at one of our campuses that meets in a school.  It had been written on the wall by kids during the week.

The first thing I noticed was the left side. The child has been deceived into thinking a life of sin is better than following God.

The second thing I noticed was the statement on the right that says "like father, like son."  It reminded me that many families are entrapped in a generational curse.  Their only hope is to open their hearts to God and see the curse broken.

I am thankful that God stepped in and broke the generational curse that plagued my family.  We had a long history of substance abuse and violence.  In fact, my great grandfather was sent to prison for murder.   

No one in our family knew Jesus in those days.  But then one day all that changed.  A man in our neighborhood saw how messed up our family was and begin to pray for us.  He came to our house and invited us to come to church.

We said no at first, but he wouldn’t give up and eventually my grandmother and father walked into the doors of a church for the very first time.  They heard about someone named Jesus who could make our home a better place.   

My grandmother and father accepted Jesus into their lives and soon the rest of the family followed.  Jesus took the fighting, abuse, and dysfunction and replaced it with His forgiveness, peace and love. 

Let's be passionate about reaching kids and families who are trapped in hopelessness.  Then "like father, like son" can mean a generational blessing instead of a generational curse for them.